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New WhatsApp Business API prices. Explaining what has changed and how to work

From February 1, 2022, new WhatsApp Business API tariffs are in effect. Now you don't have to pay for outgoing messages, but for each conversation in its entirety, both initiated by the brand and the customer. How will this affect users? We tell you, we show you examples, we lay out “in a nutshell”.
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Table of contents:

New tariffication model

The innovations abolish payment for each outgoing message and introduce payments for a full 24-hour conversation (session). Facebook (Meta) tested the changes in Mexico during 2021, and now the new pricing comes into effect for all WhatsApp Business API profiles.

What does this mean? A session is every conversation your employee, chatbot, or user starts. This includes all messages, including HSM templates. The window will now open from the moment the template is sent and close 24 hours after the last message from the client. During this period, any messages can be sent at no extra cost. Only the beginning of the conversation is charged.

The payment depends on who starts the conversation. There are two types of conversations.

  1. Sessions started by the company. All the same HSM-templates, after which you receive a response from the client, and all subsequent messages are not charged.
  2. Sessions started by users. Here you can send any response, you are charged from the moment the dialog is opened (i.e., immediately after the company replies).

What is the purpose of this? Facebook's (Meta) concept is quite simple: this way companies will improve the quality and speed of customer support.

How WhatsApp Business API payment rules have been changed



You paid for each template sent

You pay for the start of a 24-hour session

You bought 1,000 templates

You make a deposit* of €55

You only paid for the messages delivered

  • You pay per session if you reply to an incoming message.
  • When sending outgoing messages, you only pay for those delivered

You bought templates when you completely spent the old ones
(unused HSM templates go to the new month)

You only top up your deposit account when it runs out
(no monthly commitment)

Only HSM templates were charged during the 24-hour session

Once the dialogue has started, ALL messages
(including HSM templates) are not charged

* Deposit is the amount in your account from which you are charged for incoming and outgoing sessions. The minimum amount you can top up is €55. The deposit is not charged by months, you need to top up as you spend it. As soon as the deposit runs out, you will not be able to send messages. Therefore, don't forget to top up it in time.

You can see how much money is left in your deposit under Settings > Accounts and channels. Select a channel with WhatsApp Business API and tap the pencil icon.

What about templates? As before, they need to be created in advance and the content carefully monitored.

1. It should be a catchy message that the client will want to respond to.

2. Only relevant information, no advertising or spam.

3. Each template should be coordinated with Facebook in advance.

Examples of how to apply the new tariffs

Parsing a session when a company texts a client.

You need to send an HSM template to start communicating with the client - this will start a new session, which is immediately identified as a paid outgoing dialogue. Let's look at some examples.

Situation 1: outgoing messages with no response from the client.

  1. The design studio cancels the course and sends the client an HSM template.
  2. Template is followed by a new message about rescheduling classes to another day.

The client receives instructions immediately and does not reply to messages.

Result: Both messages are defined as one full dialogue, paid for by the company.

Situation 2: outgoing and incoming messages.

  1. The receptionist of the medical center asks if the client needs a pre-consultation with a doctor.
  2. The client answers “yes” and makes an appointment for a 30-minute consultation.

Result: The medical center only pays for the first outgoing message.

Parsing the session when the client texts the company

A message from a user also triggers a 24-hour dialogue during which the company needs to respond.

In this case, WhatsApp Business API dialogue payment works like this:

  • after you reply, the payment is deducted from your account, but no further correspondence within the session is charged;
  • if you did not reply within 24 hours - you have to send HSM-template, which is charged as a new outgoing conversation.

Situation 1. Incoming + outgoing (within 24 hours).

  1. Customer checks on WhatsApp to see if he can pay for the service in cash (on the spot).
  2. An employee confirms that the company accepts both non-cash and cash payments.

Result: When an employee replies, a new session is started, within which you can communicate without restriction. This motivates the company to respond faster, but if there is no response within 24 hours, a new paid session is opened.

Situation 2. Incoming + outgoing, including one outgoing after 24 hours.

  1. A customer asks (on a Tuesday) if a restaurant reservation is confirmed for Saturday.
  2. Within 5 minutes the receptionist sends an affirmative answer.
  3. On Friday, the client receives an HSM template with a reminder about the reservation. This is the start of a new paid session with the client.


The result: the company pays for two sessions at once: the one opened by the customer and the one started by the restaurant on Friday.

Optimize your work for the new terms and conditions

Count the number of incoming messages in WABA, calculate the average answer time, and think about how to optimize operators (if they do not have time to answer in 24 hours).

Important: try to solve the client's question as soon as possible. Answer within a few minutes, and remember that there is only 24 hours to process the request (one session).



  1. Introduce chatbots and auto-responders. They respond instantly to customer messages.
  2. Think through the content of the templates. Motivate with a call to action, don't leave the customer “wondering”.

It is possible

It is impossible

Hello! We have received your application on the website. Would you like to know more about the all-inclusive SPA complex?

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  1. Edit weak auto funnels, especially those that send messages for two days or more. Each message will now open a paid session, so find a way to make them more efficient and save budget.

WhatsApp Business API pricing from 1 February 2022

If you connect WhatsApp Business API via OmniOmni, the prices will be:



Subscription fee for 1 account


Subscription fee for each additional number


Incoming session fee


Outgoing session fee


Minimum deposit for messages


Free WhatsApp Business API messages:

There is no charge if the company does not respond to messages.

  • Each month a WABA account receives up to 1,000 free conversations, but they do not add up and do not roll over to a new month.
  • The first conversation with a customer will be free if they go to messenger via a call to action or an advertisement from your Facebook profile. New sessions with him/her will also be charged.

Already using or want to learn more about the new WhatsApp Business API rates? We will tell you how to connect the service and how much it will cost in your case.

Open OmniOmni widget in the right corner and ask a question in any convenient messenger.

Table of contents:
Frequently asked questions
I sent 3 templates in sequence to a client within 24 hours. They were all delivered. How many sessions do I have to pay for?
All conversations are measured in fixed 24-hour sessions. A conversation starts when the first business message in a conversation is delivered, either initiated by the business or in reply to a user message. Businesses and users can exchange any number of messages, including template messages, within a 24 hour conversation session without incurring additional charges. Each 24-hour conversation session results in a single charge.
I contact clients from Poland and the UK. Will the cost of the sessions be the same?
No, the cost of the sessions will be different. You can find the information about the cost in the Facebook rate cards.
Can I deposit more than €55?
If I pay for the WhatsApp Business API for a year, will I get additional discounts?
There are no discounts on WhatsApp Business API, because the price has already been reduced. However, other messengers and options have a 20% discount for a year.
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