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A Chat Center for an SMM Specialist — How to Cope With an Influx of Requests and Increase Sales

Companies use social media to communicate with customers, receive orders, and process complaints and claims. 89 % of people purchase goods or services of the brand they follow, and 85 % recommend the company to their relatives and friends. But it is easy to lose loyalty — 49 % of unsubscriptions are caused by poor service or support.
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The service quality is affected when the company lacks employees to process messages on various platforms. The OmniOmni’s chat center will simplify and accelerate working processes.

Who can use the chat center for social media?

  • Agencies that work on many projects simultaneously.
  • Online stores and delivery services that face complaints about goods and services.
  • Business that does not cope with the number of requests but cannot increase personnel.
  • Companies that want to sell more.

Agencies have to build a role hierarchy between supervisors and moderators, and delivery services have to process complaints. Companies require automation to reduce expenses. They also need new recourses for content marketing to increase sales. Here we explain how the chat center can cope with these tasks.

1. Do not lose requests among many accounts

Moderator Jason leads social media of three customers, that are a fitness center, a home clothing store, and a technical support service. Users text to Facebook and Instagram in turn. Jason spends a lot of effort and time to switch between customers in various social media, promptly check comments under posts, and give answers.

On top of that, Jason faces distractions associated with working in social media — notifications pop up, and new posts are published. 23 minutes are required to restore concentration and go back to work, according to a research done by the University of California in 2018.

What to do?

Combine accounts in the chat center. Messages will come to a common service, and Jason will process them as they arrive. As a result, he will not miss messages, will be less stressed about switching between accounts, will increase his efficiency, and will be probably able to take a fourth project.

Useful functions

  • A basic OmniOmni account with an administrator / operator.
  • A profile on Instagram and a profile on Facebook.

The monthly cost is 59.

2. Monitor how moderators communicate with customers

A Google search for the phrase “tone of voice” gives 444 million results. Companies know that reputation, customer loyalty, and profit growth depend on communication with customers.

Social media moderators shall use the brand voice as well. But when there are many employees and requests, it is easy to snap, give a wrong answer, and receive negative feedback. It is dangerous to leave such cases without elaboration because there will be new ones.

A supervisor would spend a lot of time to read every chat in every social network and would not be able to provide feedback to employees. You can create your own reporting system. For example, you can copy chats to Google Sheets and leave comments there. But in this case it will be moderators who spend their time and miss a part of messages accidentally or on purpose.

Long and inconvenient:

Fast and no unnecessary actions:

What to do?

The chat center opens chats from all social media in the same window. A supervisor can read each of them in turn and send an internal comment to an employee. The customer will not receive this information, while the moderator will see what he or she did wrong.

You can additionally connect quality survey — in this case, when the chat is closed, the customer will receive a message asking to score the operator depending on their efficiency. You can first view low-rated chats and work through the situation with the moderator.

Useful functions

  • A basic OmniOmni account.
  • A profile on Instagram and a profile on Facebook.
  • Additional operators.
  • Quality survey.

The monthly cost is 77 + 9 for every additional operator*.

3. Do not be late with processing complaints about the quality of goods and services

Mistakes occur in the work of delivery services. Customers unhappy with unripe watermelons or damaged packages text to social media in the hope of restoring justice. And they receive an answer: send an e-mail or call. Or open the application and duplicate the information in there.

You can calm down negative emotions by a quick response. But the longer the customer seeks resolving of their issue, the harder it is for the company to restore trust after the mistake.

What to do?

Establish operator teams, so that moderators can transfer issues to quality department employees. The service supports images in chats, therefore operators can ask customers to send photos of broken goods or stale products.

You will resolve two problems — you will not miss a request, and you will respond to the customer in the same channel.

Useful functions

  • A basic OmniOmni account.
  • A profile on Instagram and a profile on Facebook.
  • Additional operators.

The monthly cost is 59 9 for every additional operator.

4. Process messages in time, even if working alone

Alice has a business. She sells jewelry. She has hired and trained an SMM specialist who respond to customer questions about the cost and delivery and gives advice on jewelry choice. But there are many requests, it takes several hours to answer, and Alice cannot hire another specialist yet.

In addition, a lot of people text in the evening when the SMM specialist does not work — and Alice has to answer to messages herself in her spare time at the expense of health and daily efficiency.

What to do?

Connect automation. Automatic answers, a chatbot, and a self-service menu will deal with a part of questions, such as “How much is it?”, “Where to can you deliver?”, and “How to order?” There will be fewer routine requests, and the SMM specialist will focus on advices, where human touch is important.

Alice will not have to work in the evening. Customers will receive a caring message: “Thank you, we have received your question and will answer in the morning, after 9:00 a.m. Our specialists are now gaining strength to create beauty for you” at any time.

Useful functions

  • A basic OmniOmni account with an administrator/operator.
  • A profile on Instagram and a profile on Facebook.
  • A chatbot or a self-service menu (10+ keyword sets or 10+ items).

The monthly cost is 77

5. Increase sales

The delivery service “Vegetarian Meals” leads its social media in a funny and cheerful way. Business owners make charismatic first-person videos, and the SMM specialist uses understandable language to tell about the vegetarian diet. But there are few sales — the social media attract people and create a loyal audience, but do not convince users to purchase.

What to do?

Create exclusive content for “warm” subscribers. If you deliver food, start mass messaging with simple and original recipes for home and attach a link to the food basket for the dish at the end of every message. If you sell tours, let your customers subscribe to hot tours to countries they would like to visit.

The chat center will help you set up and form such mass messaging. We call them sales funnels in OmniOmni. You can start them for a certain event. For example, a customer texts to an operator that they would like to go to sea in Africa, and the operator tags the chat as “Africa.” Now the user will receive offers of visiting Tanzania or Morocco.

Useful functions

  • A basic OmniOmni account with an administrator/operator.
  • A profile on Instagram and a profile on Facebook.
  • Sales funnels.

The monthly cost is 100

6. Fresh perspective

The chat center tends to be seen as a tool for messengers, but their footprint in social media is increasing.

Facebook singled out Messenger as an individual application as early as in 2011. Instagram gets updates on a regular basis. to messages.

Therefore, messages can be processed more easily in social media with the help of a service whose main purpose is to make chatting with customers convenient.

OmniOmni supports messages and comments in Instagram and Facebook. The chat center will help you keep loyal subscribers and make them your buyers. Try it.

Table of contents:
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